Lesson 3 – Greetings and Simple Expressions

안녕하세요! Our first lesson teaching actual Korean words!! This lesson will teach you how to say expressions like hello, thank you, and good bye, enabling you to get by in Korea, even if at a basic level. Very soon you will be able to form sentences by following these lessons!

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Lesson 1 – Hangeul

My first post guys!!!!

Well, we might as well start at the very beginning (a very good place to start) with the korean alphabet – yay!!!! It has quite a violent history, as it was created in 1443 through experimentation on prisoners. Consonants were shaped in the way that the mouth and throat makes the sound, but vowels were slightly less brutal in their history – a representation of yin and yang.

This was made so that “A wise man can acquaint himself with them before the morning is over; a stupid man can learn them in the space of ten days.” so hopefully all who read this are wise!!!

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